Titan Bedding Box for Sale

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  • Reinforced Steel on the Lifting Arm | Tapered Top to Allow Operator of Excavator to See
    This is one of the most unique features of our shields and serves several purposes. First, the double taper starting at the bottom allows you to keep the fill in your bucket and not drag it over the edge like a simplistic 45 degree front and rear design. Second, we taper the top down to allow the operator to be able to actually see what he is digging! This eliminates wear on your machine and stone box.

Kundel Titan Stone Box features:

Tapered out body for easy access with the bucket (saves on damage to the stone box and the machine), 45 degree angle at front for less spillage and easy scooping (lose less fill, use less fill), angled front top for line of sight to material for the operator (less damage, saves time, and time is money). These boxes are made to save time and money, and the durability enables the box to pay for itself with its long production life.

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