Modular Trench Boxes for Sale - Lightweight Aluminum - Kundel ShoreLite Lite

The ShoreLite Lite Aluminum Trench Box by Kundel is built to be strong, lightweight and modular. The ShoreLite Lite aluminum trench shoring can be easily transported in a pickup truck and assembled by two men. This aluminum trench shield is a good choice for municipalities, plumbers and anyone working on utilities.

The ShoreLite Lite modular¬†aluminum trench box can be joined together at the ends to shore a longer run of trench at one time. They are designed to be stacked on top of each other for greater depths. ShoreLite Lite Trench Box Leg kits are available and can be used to hold the box 2′ off the ground. The leg kits are convenient to use when working with crossing utilities. Wheel Kits are also available for use in moving the box. The ShoreLite system can also be joined together to form a 4 sided box.

The ShoreLite Lite are lightweight trench boxes ranging from 150 lbs. to 544 lbs. All trench boxes are P.E. Certified and OSHA compliant.

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