Modular Trench Boxes for Sale - 2' Aluminum Panels- Build a Box

This ShoreLite Modular aluminum shielding/shoring system is built strong yet light enough to be assembled by hand. Simple modular components assemble quickly into a shoring system for spot repairs or trench lining. This aluminum shoring system can easily be broken down into the back of a pickup truck or transported on a commercial truck.

Your choice of Single or Double 2.5″ stackable profile panels come in variable lengths. Two men without the assistance of a tractor backhoe can easily handle assembly, making this a must-have addition to your trench safety equipment.

ShoreLite Modular’s new innovated design now can incorporate TrenShore’s hydraulic strut in place of your standard spreaders.

Be sure to click on a product to view its spec sheet which has the product’s weight, dimensions, depth rating and other pertinent details to help you choose the correct box for the job.

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