Steel Manhole Boxes for Sale

Kundel’s Titan Rap-O-Round

Composite Design

Titan Rap-O-Round one-piece design has 2’corner wraps that are part of the shield as a whole, not an add-on to an existing design. (Available in 2 styles).

Titan 3 Rap-O-Round – Designed for 12k to 27k Excavators

Titan 5 Rap-O-Round – Designed for 20k to 46k Excavators


All Steel Design – Pounding Pads, Solid Welded, Reinforced Knife Edge, Continuous Horizontal and Vertical Steel Members are just a few of the features which means MAXIMUM DURABILITY and long life in the trench.

Ease of Use –

  • Stacking Lugs inside shields for a safe connection.
  • Lifting Points perfectly positioned for easy handling
  • 2’x2′ Cutouts for four-sided access or close with the plate
  • Internal Shelving for storage of tools and miscellaneous items
  • 2′ High Taper for more room in the pipe zone

Lay Your Manhole Base and Go!!

Using a Titan Rap-O-Round manhole shield is one of the best cost-cutting tools you can have on your job. This necessary tool allows a professional contractor to set the manhole base into position and continue the job of making money.

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