Kundel Basic 3 | Lightest/Most Affordable Steel Box in Industry | Kundel Exclusive!

The Basic 3 Model is a series of shields for small excavators as well as rubber tired backhoes. Built to high standards to provide reliability in the field. This box is built tough and priced right. An excellent range of sizes is provided for the B3 model. This is a great mode for Municipalities, Plumbers, and Industrial Maintenance Crews. Great shield for spot repairs, taps, and minor mainline work.

These steel trench boxes are all-steel, continuous weld, just a little bit heavier than their aluminum counterparts at a fraction of the cost and much sturdier.

And last but not least, the Basic 3 (3″ wall) can be shipped enclosed for minimal cost compared to shipping a standard 8’x8’ or larger box sent by flatbed. This makes the B3 very cost efficient for shipping and a lot easier to move from one job site to another once you have the box.

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