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About Us - Trench Shoring Boxes

Join the family of construction and trench shoring experts using quality, safe steel trench shoring systems. I work at Kundel. I have handled sales and customer service for 20 years, giving attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Trench boxes allow crews to work faster and more efficiently without worry of cave-ins. When building pilings or temporary bridges using pumps or shoring equipment, trench box safety is essential to the successful completion of the job.

Trench Box Shoring Systems create longer panels and stronger rails for longer clearance capacity. This vertical sheeting support system will replace conventional steel or wood sheeting with ease. Prevent soil movement from beginning to end of trench process and get the job done safely. Protect workers from cave-ins and excessive dust accumulation. Our professional trench box safety experts design a full line of trench boxes for professional use:

Expert service is available for steel plate straightening, steel fabrication, shoring equipment, and heavy equipment company is licensed, certified and bonded. A trench has failure points and our equipment takes care of inward bowing, lower strut, and other weaknesses. Job equipment is monitored from beginning to end. Expert quality control is used in every aspect of construction. Skid frames, handrails, platforms and stair systems are carefully monitored using certified fabrication requirements. We handle trench shoring systems for roof access ladders, trash enclosures, and other construction site needs.

Trench Shoring Systems Locations:

We have a large list of trench shoring systems locations via our vendors. Our staff is skilled and our quality control program is excellent. Give our staff your specifications and let them help you succeed with your job.

We stay in line with all OSHA regulations, assuring our customers the best in trench box equipment service. No matter the size of the job, our specialist can handle your construction requirements. We are trench shoring experts ready to work for the success of your company.