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OSHA Trench Safety | Trench Shoring Equipment for Sale

According to the OSHA Act, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace. The OSHA trench safety mission is to ensure that all workplaces are healthy and safe for the people working there. The institution has set up standards and also provides training, outreach, education and assistance where it is necessary. It is an obligation of every employer to comply with the General Duty Clause of the institution’s act requiring employers to keep their workplaces safe from any hazardous condition. The employers are also under the obligation to comply with all the applicable standards.

OSHA trench safety measures require that an excavation that is five feet deep or greater must have a protective system unless it is made entirely in a stable rock. If the trench is less than five feet in depth, then a professional must determine if a protective system is not necessary. Trenches that go 20 feet deep or beyond must have a protective system that is designed by a registered engineer or based on a tabulated data approved by a qualified professional engineer.

Aluminum OSHA Trench Safety

Trench Shoring Boxes sells a range of aluminum safety shields that are meant for particular needs. The aluminum shields have been designed using different exclusive characteristics that affect their performance and strengths. An aluminum shield weighing around 4,300 lBS is capable of achieving a depth rating of 8′ in a C-80 soil.

A trench box is a structure made from aluminum or steel. The structures are used to protect utility workers while undertaking their duties within a trench. Trench shields are built with sidewalls of varying thickness. Spreaders made from aluminum or steel are used to hold the sidewalls apart. The spreaders are adjustable to match the width of the trench. The depth of the trench that the shield can withstand without buckling vary due to the materials and the building designs of the trench box. The work zone safety system is a fully integrated system that has been developed to provide workers in a trench with the necessary safety. The system consists of fall protection, access, egress together with recovery products that are meant for different needs.

Some of the dangers associated with trenching include cave-ins that pose the greatest risk and are much common. Other potential hazards associated with trenching include falling loads, falls, hazardous atmosphere and accidents resulting from mobile loads. Workers should stay safe at their workplaces by ensuring that they only enter into trenches having a safety system. Nobody should put their lives in danger by going into unprotected trenches.

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