Most Common Trench Box Questions | Q&A

Kundel Steel Trench Box | Close Up View | Working in the Field

How do I match a shoring box for my job conditions?

Typically the only information we need to determine a solution for you is; machine size, the depth you are going, soil conditions, and what you are installing or repairing. It’s that simple.

How do I match a shoring box for my machine?

A shoring system should be a good match for your machine lifting capacity, too light and you may damage the shoring system, too heavy and you add extra wear and tear to your machine. Simply check your machine’s lifting capacity, or share your model information with us, and we will make sure you have the right match.

Can I accessorize my trench shield to make it more versatile?

Kundel offers a wide variety of accessories for most of our shoring products. From leg kits to end closures, there is a good chance we have what you need. Typically you can get these add-on accessories at a later date with no modifications needed to your original purchase (build as you go!).

What does A/B/C soil mean?

These are soil classifications from OSHA. In simple terms, A-soil would be your best soil such as rock or very cohesive material. While C-soil would be material that you experience a lot of movement with, non-cohesive. B-soil would fall in the middle. You always want to have a trained competent person on site to make these determinations.

Does my shield need to be a PE design?

Yes, it does. All of our shoring equipment will include tabulated data and a PE stamp for the design and meeting, or exceeding, OSHA standards.

Can I lift a steel trench shield?

Yes, you can. Kundel makes several models of lightweight steel boxes that allow you to use with a machine smaller than traditionally required. This brings a couple of advantages to you; less cost upfront for purchase (as compared to aluminum) and increased durability

Do you offer shoring that can be installed by hand?

Kundel does offer several shoring solutions that are designed to allow you to assemble and install by hand where situations require it. Please reach out to us today.

What are the benefits of modular shoring a.k.a. modular trench boxes?

Modular trench boxes benefits are extensive, such as; offer you the ability to transport in smaller vehicles, allow you to move equipment into confined areas, allow you to build your system in a variety of heights and widths as the job demands

Can you customize the trench box to meet my needs?

Absolutely, simply tell us what modifications would help you and we will get you a solution.

Do you offer lifting accessories?

Yes! Please ask your representative about the offering on our nylon and steel safety slings. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs

Can I talk to someone to help me figure my needs out?

Yes, we are here day and night to assist you in purchasing the right trench shoring equipment based on your job conditions and machine. Just contact us and we will walk you through this simple process.

Can I buy direct from you?

In areas where we do not have representation, you will be assisted directly from the factory with direct purchase options. We do have many areas that are serviced by a knowledgeable distributor. Just reach out to us and we will support you in either capacity.

Where do I start?

Just click to request your quote or call us directly.