Modular Aluminum Trench Box for Sale | Build a Box

Kundel has for sale, a few styles of modular aluminum trench boxes (trench shields). All of these aluminum trench box systems may be used with a rubber tire backhoe. The Kundel TuffGuy modular aluminum trench box features steel end-posts to make the box more sturdy and add life to the aluminum panels.

The ShoreLite Lite series is a single-wall folded aluminum trench box (aluminum panels are folded to give them strength) and by far Kundel’s lightest modular aluminum trench box system. They are featured in our Municipality Trench Box Starter Kit.

The ShoreLite aluminum trench box series is a double-wall aluminum trench box. Still modular and the double-wall make the box more durable and has a deeper depth rating. These modular aluminum boxes are some of our best-sellers in regard to the aluminum boxes.

All of these systems may be broken down and transported in the back of a pickup truck.

Be sure to click on a product to view its spec sheet which has the product’s weight, dimensions, depth rating and other pertinent details to help you choose the correct box for the job.

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