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Best Trench Boxes for Sale

Trench shoring boxes are structures that are made of steel or aluminum that protect utility employees when they are doing their jobs in a trench. Each box is constructed of sidewalls of varying thicknesses, and are held apart by steel or aluminum spreaders which can be interchanged when the need to match the width of the trench. This trench shoring equipment stresses safety in the trenches.

We know that sometimes you need a steel trench shield and on occasion you want an aluminum trench shield of which we provide both. Understanding your need is important to the type of trench you will need to shore up. There are both available for you. After making your selection, there is finance if eligible. Delivery is possible if needed.

Light Weight Aluminum Trench Boxes

For Kundel lightweight aluminum trench safety system, we have a complete line of trench boxes for sale. Using the right size aluminum trench box is important for your job, as well as using a dependable shoring system. We offer the TrenshJack aluminum hydraulic shoring. With a variety of standard sizes that are stackable that range from 2′ tall to 12′ tall kits. The aluminum trench shields vary in length ranging to 12′ long.

Some models of boxes are ShoreLite, TuffGuy, V-Panel, and ShoreLite Lite. They have fixed widths or with adjusters are the trench box spreaders. The adjusters range from 18′ to 120′. There are modular boxes but we have only a variety of four lightweight aluminum trench boxes is what we have for your selection. The Kundel ShoreLite Lite is the lightest of our trench boxes, that come in 3′ panels that are stackable up to 9′ tall.

Kundel Modular Aluminum Boxes

Our TuffGuy boxes offer panels like ShoreLite, but the steel end members can deliver more protection in the trench.

Kundel V-Panel is the one to use when working around crossing utilities. Their panels are 1′ wide, and is adjustable both independently and vertically.

Since we stock a variety of trench boxes for sale including our modular aluminum boxes, and being innovative producer and distributor lightweight aluminum trench boxes. Our offer is first and foremost built for safety for your employees.

It’s our desire to keep you and your employees safe, as well as your jobsite. Our business is lending a hand to your construction jobsites. We offer everything you need in one location including our warehouse in Ohio, and ship throughout the United States and Canada. Call and allow our experts help you with your selections.

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OSHA Approved Trench Boxes | It’s the law!

Buy OSHA Approved Boxes

Utility, mechanical and pipeline contractors as well as municipalities engaged in trenching and excavations can benefit from an outright purchase of OSHA approved trench shoring boxes and trench safety equipment. Many contractors prefer ownership of their equipment because tax laws permit deductions associated with depreciation, insurance coverage, repairs and refurbishments along with licenses and fees. Tax advantages come into play with amortization over the years. Large firms with concurrent jobs in progress can realize cost savings from purchasing multiple boxes and netting a quantity discount price. Purchasing durable, code compliant used boxes can yield greater savings versus a new box. Buying makes sense for large scale organizations engaged in day-to-day trenching operations.

Lease OSHA Approved Boxes

For contractors considering the purchase of OSHA approved trench boxes and trench safety equipment, lease-to-own is an option that makes economic sense. If a lease-to-own contract is signed and the payment required is $500 per month, 50 percent would be credited to the buyer and 50 percent to the seller. After two years, the contractor now has got a $3000 down payment, against the overall purchase price of the trench box which is already being held by the rental agent. The contractor now needs to provide the remaining balance due to complete the lease to own agreement. This is practical for small construction firms, that don’t maintain a large cash on hand balance, have cash flow issues or their credit rating is poor.

Rent To Own OSHA Approved Boxes

Similar to a lease to own option, a rent to own option permits contractors to try out an OSHA approved trench box, but for a shorter period of time, before making a purchase or lease commitment. Contractors can rent the boxes of interest for any period of time. In a rent to own scenario, maintenance of the boxes is the responsibility of the rental agent. If the box doesn’t measure up to expectations, it can be replaced or returned. There is little risk and no large up-front capital investment. A rent to own situation is like a trial period. Should the contractor have a good experience with the box and trench safety equipment, they can enter into a lease to own agreement or direct purchase.

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Kundel Steel Trench Box

Whether to Buy New or Used Trench Shoring Boxes

When it comes to buying trench shoring boxes, especially for a large construction job, you are really going to weigh the type of project you are doing, how long it is going to take, and the money that is involved in the project; before you decide whether it is better to purchase new or used trench shoring boxes. One of the things about trench boxes, as well as a ton of other construction equipment, is that they are going to experience quite a bit of wear and tear. However, at the same time, if a trench box was only used for one job, and was not treated roughly or experienced any rough conditions, you may be able to purchase some used trench boxes that are cheaper than buying them new. If you did choose to go this route and picked up used aluminum trench shoring for a great deal, and they were in the same condition after you finished your job, you would have saved a ton of money by going with the used boxes. However, this would not make sense if you tried to purchase trench boxes that were used and got low quality materials.

How to Select a Trench Shoring Box

You are going to want something that is going to hold up and is in great shape, or else it is quite a big risk to purchase trench boxes that are used. When it comes to buying trench shoring, you are going to have to also think about the job that you are doing and how much money is on the line. If buying new trench shoring materials means that you are not going to make hardly any money on a job, then it would not make sense to make the purchase. In reality, you are going to have to sit down and weight out each one of these factors and think about the various options that you have. If you can find some steel trench shoring equipment that are used, which are in absolutely excellent condition, it would only make sense to purchase them, but if you can’t find any that are high quality, it would be practical to purchase new.

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