Let Me Write Your Product Specifications for Procurement

Write Project Specifications | Shorelite Lite Modular Aluminum Trench Box | Displayed at the West Virginia Expo

I get so many calls a week from municipalities needing to add a new aluminum box to their yard(s). So many times this person is unfamiliar with this type of safety product and was just told to get a modular trench box so many feet tall and so many feet long. What about the spreaders? What about a 2′ leg kit.

I Will Write Your Specs

I have been dealing with municipalities and their needs for years. I understand folks like the Kundel aluminum trench box for it is a pinless design, the spreaders are at the very end of the wall, and they are incredibly lightweight and may easily be handled with a rubber tire backhoe.

Municipalities want a box that may be quickly and easily broken down, laid in the back of a pickup truck, then assembled at the next job site. Spot repair work.


Let me put my years of helping municipalities get the correct modular aluminum trench box for their needs. Let me make you shine.