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Trench Shoring Products | Stacking Modular Aluminum Trench Boxes | Very Easy Process | Best Done w/Excavator

Trench shoring products could help you avoid unnecessary accidents that could affect your employees and delay your project. Find a safer solution with trench safety equipment that helps keep workers safe from collapsing excavations. Speed up your construction and ensure you stay on track for completion dates with bracing systems and trench boxes that won’t let you down. Trench shoring products which have undergone countless strength and stability tests to ensure your workers are safe and your excavation plans are foolproof. Steel trench shields is a great example of trench shoring products that assure a safe workspace when municipal utilities need to be installed, repaired, or replaced. They are light enough to be handled with a rubber-tired backhoe but strong enough to withstand extreme soil pressures common in poor or unstable soil.

Aluminum Trench Boxes | Aluminum Trench Shoring Products

Aluminum trench boxes are trench shoring products designed specifically for municipalities, and contractors who use rubber-tired backhoes or smaller excavators for trenching. These trench shoring products are made of lightweight smooth, double-wall aluminum. Each 3-inch side-wall is constructed of foam-filled, 8-inch extrusions which prevent dirt build-up and reduces friction. They come with either a flat bottom or extruded aluminum knife edge. Aluminum shields have the greatest strength to weight ratio in the industry. Each shield includes a professionally engineered depth certification tag. Telescoping spreaders sets come in a wide variety of sizes, and accessories such as pulling and lifting lugs make it easy to handle the shield into and out of the trench. With approximately half the weight of comparably sized steel shields, this trench safety equipment is ideal for a variety of situations such as municipal maintenance and emergency repairs, or small utility projects. Shores trench safety equipment offers superior versatility in trenches up to 25’ deep and 12’ wide. A cylinder extension system adds to the range of the shore which improves on-site adaptability when encountering excavations of varying widths. These high strength aluminum shores are available in standard or heavy-duty models and can be used to meet OSHA regulations in A, B, or C soils. Fin Form panels are used with shores to prevent sloughing of trench walls.

Aluminum trench boxes are lightweight trench boxes designed to be used by rubber-tired backhoes and loaders. They combine the best of a steel trench box and an aluminum trench box into one. They are lightweight and strong but it is also modular, where even the largest modular panel is designed to be easily transported by a pickup truck. Aluminum trench boxes are strong enough to keep trench workers safe from injuries or unstable soil, yet lightweight for easy transportation and assembly, aluminum trench boxes, are ideal for smaller jobs in place of steel trench boxes. Aluminum trench boxes are engineered to offer the protection and security for excavation that steel trench boxes provide, but are less than half of the weight. There are high-quality aluminum trench boxes that are lightweight enough to be used with rubber-tired backhoes, yet still, protect your workers from potential cave-ins or injuries. All aluminum trench boxes are OSHA-compliant and will ensure the safety of your crew. With many different options to select from, it is certain that there is a large variety of aluminum trench boxes. Standard sizes of stack-able aluminum trench boxes range from 2′ tall to 12′ tall kits. These aluminum trench shields come in lengths up to 12′ long. Trench box spreaders come in fixed widths or with adjusters ranging from 18″ to 120″.

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