All About the Trench Shoring Box

Trench Shoring Box

Excavation services are undertaken thousands of times every day throughout the US. Trench shoring box devices are often used to secure the work area by ensuring ground stability. Because of the risk of accidents in the work area, the trenching shoring box must comply with the laws and regulations governing trenching and excavation activities. Trench Shoring Boxes is a leading player in the shoring industry. The Kundel company offers a range of safe and durable trench boxes made from steel and aluminum to ensure worker safety. The products include:

Aluminum trench boxes
• Trench and manhole boxes
Aluminum hydraulic shoring
Steel trench boxes

The boxes feature sidewalls of varying thickness as well as interchangeable steel or aluminum spreaders. The rent to own steel boxes offered by the company feature reinforced knife edge, pounding pads, all steel design and vertical and horizontal steel members for maximum strength. The aluminum trench shoring boxes are great for light repair work and scheduled maintenance service. The wide-ranging Kundel lightweight aluminum shoring equipment boxes are available in different stackable range and sizes.

Kundel boxes are all compliant with OSHA regulations and standards for hazardous working conditions. The products include TuffGuy and V-Panel. The TuffGuy box series features durable panels and steel made end members, which are specially designed to ensure maximum protection in the trench. The panels are also independently and vertically adjustable. The Kundel V-Panel is mostly used for working around crossing utilities. The other product brand sold and leased by the company is ShoreLite.

Choosing the Right Trench Shoring Box

When choosing a trench shoring box, you definitely want something that is in great shape and can hold up well to prevent accident or injury. Buying or renting the right shoring equipment can be tasking because there are many types of equipment of different sizes. Our company offers a wide of systems for rent and purchase. The decision on what to buy or lease is usually dependent on factors such as cost, type of assignment and crew comfort. The amount of money a contractor is willing to pay in order to buy or rent shielding equipment largely depends on the financial strength of the utility company as well as the amount of work the contractor wants to cover.

It is very important to pick a tool that fits the intended assignment. To do this more effectively, you need to look at factors such as depth of the excavation, soil stability and ground pressure from the adjacent structures as well as ground water. The soils are generally classified as Type A soils, Type B soils and Types C soils based on the composition. Since the weight of the soil cannot be supported by human strength, it is important to choose a safe and fully operational. Damages and defects on protective equipment must never be overlooked because of the dangers they pose. This is why our company supplies aluminum and steel trench box that are safe and of the highest quality to meet the needs of the excavation and shoring industry.

Equipment Safety

Excavation work involves significant digging and pacification; for this reason, workers must also wear protective gear to ensure personal safety. Trenches pose a big danger because of the risk of trench collapsing and trapping workers and equipment. The use of unsafe trench shoring equipment can also hinder work progress and lead to the loss of many man hours. To protect workers, our company’s boxes are created with longer panels and stronger rails to create longer clearance capacity. The boxes also feature braced partitions that are specially built to prevent the risk of collapsing.

Contractors should also have their boxes inspected regularly by a professional. The devices should be inspected for signs of cracks in welds, deformed plates, bent struts and tension cracks for the ground around trenches. In case you are using hydraulic shoring equipment, you need to make sure the hydraulic pistons that push against the trench walls are checked regularly to ensure they operate as they should. The other areas that require close scrutiny include leaks in cylinders and hoses, broken nipples, bent bases and cracked sheathing. All faults must be reported to the supervisor.

To Buy or Rent

Renting is often considered more viable if the prevailing work involves constant shifting. For instance, the work requirements for boxes and slide rails may vary from one season or type of project to the other. Since new shoring equipment is expensive, many contractors prefer hiring used equipment. Contractors who prefer purchasing their own equipment’s can easily take advantage of the tax laws which permit deductions associated with insurance, coverage, fees, licenses, refurbishments and price depreciation.

Our Business Advantage

The boxes and bracing equipment offered by our company are inspected and certified by engineers. The company provides a lease to own arrangement which is very cost effective to contractors. The arrangement gives contractors the opportunity to try the equipment before making full payment. The contractors are also allowed to rent the boxes for shorter and longer periods. The boxes can also be replaced or returned if they do not measure up to the assigned task. The company is also responsible for the maintenance work. The benefits of buying or renting our trenching shoring box include:
• Financing arrangements
• Availability of new and used boxes
• Shipping anywhere
• Rent or own a trench box arrangement
• Access to affordable equipment’s through direct pricing
• Delivery services available on request.


The crews for our trench shoring box are trained to work in a safe setting without worrying about risks like cave-ins, falls, falling loads and hazardous atmosphere every project is undertaken professionally. The shoring equipment is safe and easy to install because they are pre-engineered using high-quality materials that can withstand intense pressures and movements. All our shoring operations follow OSHA safety guidelines to ensure customers get value for their money, no matter the size of the job.

Besides selling and renting shoring equipment, we also provide technical, maintenance and operational training to clients and contractors who buy or lease our equipment’s. Our operations cover a wide geographical area thanks to a vast a vast vendor network. You can easily get in touch with trench shoring technical team by phone or email for consultations and assistance.

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