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In order to run pipes or electrical lines underground, trenches have to do be dug in the ground. These trenches can be quite deep and unstable without support on each side. According to OSHA statistics, the rate of fatalities in excavation work is over 100% more than other types of construction. For optimal safety, trench shoring methods incorporating trench shields are needed during trench shoring jobs. They are also called trench boxes.

In the old days, trenches were dug by hand and wood planks were used to brace the sides. These primitive guards often cracked from the weight of the mounded dirt and buried the workers in the trench alive. Unfortunately, most of them suffocated or were crushed by the rock and dirt before they could be rescued.

Trench Shoring Methods | Hydraulic Shoring

Today, trench boxes are made of heavy steel and support both sides of the trench while the construction workers are digging. The weight of the loose dirt is significant and could cause injury or death of it collapses on the workers. Some excavation companies use hydraulic trench boxes. These devices combine strong hydraulic bars against metal plates to prevent trench collapse. However, some localities are more relaxed with safety, let me put it this way, the Tampa injury attorneys are not out of work anytime soon.

Many construction workers depend on trench shoring for digging footers for large buildings and other structures. Those who build bridges have to pour cement in trenches underwater. Water and cement are extremely heavy and volatile. This extra pressure against the walls of the trenches can quickly cause a collapse without the proper equipment. Workers are much safer in the confines of a strong trench shield

It is also important to know how to space the trench shields. The project engineer must figure out how deep the trench is going to be and the amount of pressure that will be applied from each side. Trench shields come in different sizes and can be adjusted to the proper width. It is also important that the safety engineer checks each shield to ensure that it is not damaged and is in good working order before being used.

Construction and connecting resources can be a risky job. Workers’ lives are at stake when they are working in trench shoring. Having plenty of reliable trench shields reduce the chances of someone getting hurt. Prevention is the main component of safety.

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