The Amazing Trench Box System

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If you are in the construction industry you’ve probably heard the words trench box system a time or two. By now you’re probably wondering what is a trench box. Here are all the details you need to know about the amazing trench box system and what it can do for you.

What Exactly Are They

Trench boxes extend a trench’s stable life which allows workers to remain safe while they are working on a job. They are also sometimes referred to as trench shields, tap boxes, sewer boxes or manhole boxes. No matter what they are referred to, they are almost always used exclusively in the construction field. Workers first use them when they are pouring foundations, but they can also be used if a wiring or piping repair needs to be made underground. Trench boxes are a crucial part of the construction industry as digging of any type is necessary to build new homes or buildings and this is one way to keep workers safe while doing so.

The Construction of The Trench Box System

Because of the importance of trench boxes, they must be sturdy. There are 2 kinds: aluminum trench boxes and steel trench boxes. They are also usually made out of two plates, known as shields. They are held up by spreaders and the plates line the walls of the trench. The spreaders act as braces and are just beams that are placed perpendicular to the plates. Everything is welded together to add to the stability of the trench box system. The overall design of the system allows for workers to get in and out of the trench box system which can be crucial if an emergency arises or they have to get out of the area quickly.

How Long They Can Be Used for In Each Hole

One of the key benefits of using a trench shoring box is that they improve the stability and life of a trench that is dug. Without this trench box, a hole might only last for a few seconds before it caves in. Dependent on the type of soil, weather conditions and the depth of the trench, a trench box system can allow the hole to stay safe and stable for several months. This is great for those long-term projects that construction workers often need to complete.

Why the Need for Trench Box Systems Arose?

Trench work tends to be extremely dangerous even when proper safety precautions are taken. Hundreds of trench cave-ins occur every year. Trench box systems allow construction workers to add an extra layer or protection against being hurt while doing their job. While it still is possible for a cave-in to happen even with a trench box system, the risk of injury is often minimized when a proper system is in place. The government does have safety regulations in place as well to ensure that trench box systems are used correctly. This is done through depth rating regulations. These regulations determine the maximum death that the trench box system can be used safely.

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