Steel Trench Boxes

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Trench Boxes which are also referred to as trench shoring systems or trench shields are steel structures which are used in protecting utility workers who are performing their duties in a trench. Steel trench boxes should be an essential part of any shoring or construction site, as they are imperative to ensure your workers’ safety. They are normally constructed on with sidewalls held apart by steel spreaders of different thickness. These spreaders could be interchanged to match the required width of the trench. The materials used and the designs of the building cause a variation in the depth ratings of the trench. Which implies that the depth of the trench that a shield can withstand without falling apart. These depth ratings are usually put together by a team of registered professional construction engineers. Steel trench boxes offer maximum protection for the life of the trench.

What are Steel Trench Boxes

Steel trench boxes are very high- tensile steel sidewalls with strong pipe clearance which are for dependable, rough performance in the trench. They are a great source of effective protections for contractors who are working on a very deep to moderate trench applications in different soil conditions. A trench box is designed as a temporary earth retaining structure which allows the sides the side of the evacuation to be cut vertical or near vertical. This method is relatively quick and easy. It ensures ground stability in regards to trenching and also helps to minimize an evacuation area to avoid damage to structures that are close by and other utilities in the ground.

Trench Box Engineering

A steel trench box is an engineered structure used to support trench walls. Digging is an essential part of almost any construction work, such as building a foundation, laying pipe or installing valves. In shoring applications, excavating usually means digging in poor soil conditions. There is nothing as important as your workers’ trench safety. Not only do federal regulations require it, but creating a safe working environment helps promote peace of mind and confidence for your employees while performing their jobs. Steel trench boxes can be permanent, although there are many portable options that offer flexibility on a job site. Portable boxes can be pulled along a trench as the work progresses. You can work with a provider to purchase a pre-manufactured box or have one custom-built for the specifics of your job.