Shoring Systems for Trenches

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When you have to excavate a trench you may need to make sure the walls are correctly shored up by to help boost security and ensure you will not need to re-dig your trench. There are several distinct shoring systems for trenches you could use to assist in preventing the failure of your trench walls, and matching the correct equipment to the job is essential for efficacy and security.

One of the simplest shoring systems for trenches to use is hydraulic shoring in which hydraulic pistons are set between steel plates or tough plywood sheets and pumped outwards until they apply the appropriate amount of pressure. You may also locate hydraulic trench boxes which are typically steel boxes with hydraulic pistons. The hydraulic shoring system will often be leased instead of purchased and is typically used for temporary trench shoring.

Various Shoring Systems for Trenches

You can even use plate and beam trench shoring systems in which I-beams are driven into the ground to support the metal plates. This procedure is typically used for bigger excavations or over longer periods of time when hydraulics are not practical option. For example, if you must use the open space in the trench to transfer staff and equipment then you not likely want flat hydraulic presses crossing the top and bottom of the trench when a placed beam can keep the walls protected. This procedure can also be used with walls which might be too far apart to reach for trenches.

Other systems, along with these two shoring systems for trenches, will have their purposes, and the type of process you use to prop up your trenches will be determined with the method you use to shore your trenches. Since not every job has the identical conditions or is of the same size, you may need to assess each trench of shoring system you will need to use. Make sure the system you use can manage pressures and the weights applied to it, be installed and removed, and can be readily obtained.

You may not need to buy a system and go to install it, only to discover it is too little or too large for the job at hand. You can find systems to lease and to buy, both online and in your neighbourhood region, and many times these same firms will can offer some guidance and training to you so you could better select, install, and use your shoring systems for trenches – accurately and safely.