Become a Kundel Trench Box Dealer!

Become a Kundel trench box dealer today! Contact me about this exciting opportunity to own your territory and sell the best trench boxes in the industry.

  • Great ROI
  • Excellent discounts
  • Distributor support
  • Become a 1-Stop Shop

Here are just a few of the key selling points of the Kundel steel Boxes.

  • Sell the lightest steel box in the industry
  • Solid steel socket design/save on maintenance
  • Solid welded as compared to plug or stitch welded
  • Up to 1.5’’ of solid steel bridging from the end of the shield to the Internal Pounding Member
  • Internal Shelving – By taking the typical flat inside skin and adding bends and folds we have dramatically increased its strength.
  • All Steel Design – No hollow tubes nor wood/foam fillers. Soggy wood/foam detroys box integrity and increases box weight.18″ High Knife Tapper – a high tapper knife is crucial.
  • 16″ Support on Centers – This increases the strength of your shield and decreases the deformation of your outside skin. No checkerboarding.

Phone Manufacturer: 330-984-0116


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