Kundel TimberShore | Modular and Vertically Adjustable | Steel Frame | Wooden Panels

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  • Modular Waler Design The all-steel waler skeleton is assembled using simple, modular components. You can pick and choose the right components to quickly meet the job requirements.
  • Panel Options TimberShore’s unique design makes it expandable and “upgradable.” Simply remove the wooden planks and attach any of the following options to match different job requirements: Wood Planks, Aluminum V-Panels, Steel Trench Plating, or High-Strength Panel.
  • Stackable End Posts These systems can be stacked vertically for maximum versatility.
  • Specially Engineered Wood The planks are made from many layers of thin veneer so there are no concentrated areas of knots or cross grains. This makes them capable of handling everyday elements, heavy loads, and wear from repeated usage. Each plank is proof-loaded by the manufacturer to make sure it meets industrial quality and OSHA standards.
  • Easy storage Unassembled components can be stacked and stored away, making the most of your limited space. Each frame kit comes with a two-sided frame consisting of 4 to 6 walers, (depending on height,) and 4 end-posts. The width is determined by your choice of spreader beam length. Spreader Beams come in sets of 4 or 6 and include pins and keepers. Spreader beam adjusters and hydraulic struts are available for varying widths in a jiffy.


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