What You Need to Know About a Manhole Shield

Manhole Shield | Manhole Box

Manholes are always a nuisance, no matter what you do with them. However, they are the kind of problem that may be resolved with a manhole shield.

Take a sewer pipe installation for instance. A manhole needs to be dug, and the pipe needs to be able to pass through it without much effort. The fact of the matter is that for proper functionality, a manhole needs to be wide enough, and generally, significantly wider than a standard pipe. This leaves a lot of gaps between the ground and the hole, which needs to be adequately protected by a manhole shield.

A Manhole Shield is Safety Equipment

Manholes shields can sometimes also be a huge security risk to the people around them. For one, if the manhole is left open, there is always a chance that people and sometimes even animals can fall into this. These can be almost fatal, especially if empty and without a pipe already put in. A manhole shield is a saving grace when it comes to maintaining trench safety of the people using these. The manhole box is designed in a way in which they cover the breadth of the hole, and barricade it. This makes it so that people know where the manhole is, and it prevents them from going into the area of the manhole.

A manhole shield is not just a trench safety net for those who don’t know about the hole in the area, but for those working on it as well. Because of the nature of the work that is being done, often people are put in situations that can possess a threat to their lives. This, however, can be easily mitigated through the incorporation of the right safety measures that are designed to safeguard everyone around it. Pipework shouldn’t be such a dangerous task, and fitting a manhole box around the work area is an easy way to avoid that.

Types of Manhole Covers

Manhole covers are designed for easy application so that almost anyone working on the site can do it. It does not require any special kind of tools to be able to fit it in, or even special work conditions to make it work. Most options for a manhole cover are either made of plastic or metal and sometimes can be a mixture of both. The most traditionally designed manhole covers have a hole in the middle, to make running the pipe through it incredibly easy. There are certain manhole covers on the market that are tailored to fit only one kind of pipe, and there are also some in which the space in the middle can be altered to have a snug fit on the pipe that is running through it.

With the numerous benefits that a manhole shield has, there is absolutely no reason why a construction company that is regularly working around manholes shouldn’t invest into a proper shield. The only downside of having a manhole shield is that you have to pay for it, but it is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of all the employees working at the company, especially people working at the site.

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