Kundel Shorelite Lite Modular Aluminum Trench Box Working in New Waterford, Ohio | J. S. Bova Excavating

Kundel Shorelite Lite Being Lowered into the Trench

We sent a team out to New Waterford, Ohio today to meet up with J. S. Bova Excavating & shoot a video while they did some water main work. Stay tuned here for that video highlighting our Shorelite Lite a super lightweight, single profile, a modular aluminum system that can easily be handled & assembled by 2 people. Kundel, exceptional equipment backed by knowledgable people.

  • J.S. Bova Excavating | New Waterford, Ohio
    J.S. Bova Excavating | New Waterford, Ohio | Performing Water Main Work

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