Make Any Spreader an Adjustable Trench Box Spreader

Adjustable Trench Box Spreader | Kundel's Spreader and Spreader Adjuster Pipes

I get a lot of people who call and have no idea about what to do for the trench box spreader. Many times, the folks calling here are purchasers or administrators; not the ones working out in the field w/the trench box.

So many times, they will state a range of like 3′ to 6′ or 4′ to 6′; something like that. Luckily, here at Kundel Industries; we have the Spreader and Spreader Adjuster combo (Image Above). Talk about a great solution! This makes any spreader and adjustable trench box spreader.

  • Various Length Spreader Bars | Kundel Trench Box Yard | 8-15-2019

Spreader Adjuster | Adjustable Trench Box Spreader

The Kundel Spreader Adjuster¬†is a 24″ piece of pipe (also available in longer sizes for bigger pipes) that fits into the spreader pipe and telescopes out 24″ at 6″ increments. This comes w/the pins to connect to the box walls and to insert into the spreader.

As long as you get a 30″ spreader, the Spreader Adjuster will do a complete collapse into the spreader pipe and you may just leave it there.

Big Hit with Aluminum Trench Boxes

So many municipalities and plumbers get our aluminum trench boxes (big selling point – many of our models are modular!) and use them for spot repairs and etc. Each job is different and the width of the trench varies so often. Having the Spreader Adjuster is a lot easier and less expensive than having a variety of spreaders kept on hand. Between the 2 pieces of pipe, it is like having 5 sets of spreaders.

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