Choosing Correct Trench Shoring Equipment

Choosing Correct Shoring Equipment

When undertaking any type of large construction project, trench shoring equipment and safety is of paramount concern. Providing a safe and stable work environment can help ensure the project is completed with limited risk to employees and the public. Some construction projects may require the use of trenches, this can be achieved through trench shoring equipment. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to trench shoring equipment and finding the right one can feel daunting. First one will need to determine the scope of the project and the needs of the crew that will be working with the trench box. Along with the use of proper materials, a competent person who can verify correct procedure and that the integrity of the trenches should be present at all times.

Trench shoring is the act of providing support to the walls of a trench that has been dug. By using this support, there is a significant decrease in risk of the walls collapsing and potentially trapping workers  inside. While providing safety for workers, trench shoring also provides stability for the project, by helping to ensure the integrity of the hole is secured. Additional measures taken to maintain the structure can be aided by proper techniques used in a trench shoring system.

Trench Shoring Equipment and the Trench Box

There are multiple options when it comes to deciding on the right type of trench box system for the project. The first type of trench shoring equipment utilizes hydraulic presses that apply and maintain pressure on the exterior walls of the trench. This process creates a sort of trench shoring box, by also using some type of wall, either out of metal or an advanced man made plywood composite. This type of shoring can be installed by one worker and is often considered a faster option, which can help to reduce cost. However there may be limitations to the size and scope of the project that can be protected by hydraulic shoring options.

Another option for trench shoring is known as beam and plate method. This process uses steel beams that are embedded in the ground, and followed by placement of steel trench plates between the beams. This creates a trench box system for workers to use. There are less costly options of this type of method, that uses wood planks, this is known as soldier boarding. The use of wood planks does limit the amount of pressure that can be applied to them, thus limiting the size and depth of the hole.

Trench Shoring Safety and the Competent Person

Regardless of system used, a competent person needs to be designated to oversee the use of any of the trench shoring safety systems. This person’s responsibility is to ensure that the integrity of the system used is maintained. Should any comprise to the support of the system be noticed, immediate repair should occur. Comprises to a system creates a risk of structural collapse, which can extend the timeline of construction. An even bigger risk is created in terms of human life. The collapse of a structure can cause serious injury or even death.

Large construction projects require the use of proper materials to help ensure the safety of those working on it, as well as the safety of the public. This is especially true when a project requires the use of trenches. Protecting people and the project can be achieved through the use of trench shoring methods. Trench shoring is the process of using some type of support system to brace the walls of the trench. There are multiple materials and methods for trench shoring, whether it is hydraulics or embeded steel beams, safety is paramount.