The Benefits of Aluminum Trench Cages

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Trench work can be a dangerous task for construction workers but fortunately, modern trench safety equipment allows these jobs to be performed safely. Utilizing aluminum trench cages can prevent workers from becoming trapped in deep trenches, a situation that can quickly turn deadly. A trench cage can also help you meet safety requirements under various state and federal laws aimed at minimizing the risk to workers in dangerous situations. Investing in high-quality trench shoring safety equipment now can save you a lot of headaches and lawsuits later on.

Lightweight Trench Cages

One of the benefits of going with aluminum trench cages is the weight. Aluminum is typically used in applications where weight is a concern. Compared to metals such as steel, aluminum is extremely lightweight and products made out of aluminum are much easier to move. With modern engineering principals, aluminum can achieve high strength and durability without being heavy. Due to their lightweight natures, many aluminum trench cages can be moved with smaller equipment such as rubber tire backhoes. No need for heavy duty cranes!

When looking at the various aluminum trench cages on the market make sure you only consider purchasing cages which meet the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Looking for the OSHA seal of approval will ensure you are getting a product that can withstand the conditions of a construction site and that your company avoids potentially hefty fines.

Aluminum Trench Cages | Pricing

Pricing for the aluminum trench cages can vary depending on the size of the cage and whether you need adjustable panels on the sides of the cage or cut outs for piping to go through. Some smaller boxes can start around $2,000 or so for the basic cage. Larger aluminum trench boxes of course increase in price to accommodate your needs. Used trench cages are available from retailers for a lower price than buying new. Whether you should buy new or used depends on your needs on your job! If you have a job that will be completed quickly it may be more economical to pick up a used trench cage that is in good condition. However, if you plan on reusing the cage or have a long job involved with this cage it may be more advisable to buy new. Used cages may have been exposed to some elements that may have affected the longevity of the cage, and thus could cost you more money in the long run.

In addition to buying new or used, another option is to rent aluminum trench cages. If you do not have the storage space to keep the cages when they are not in use, or if you are only planning on using the cage once then it will make more sense to rent the cage that you will need. Many retailers who sell the aluminum trench cages also offers options to rent should you have the need!

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