Aspects and Benefits of a Steel Trench Box Design

Trench Box Design and Installation | Benefits of Using Steel in the Design

Trench boxes are an essential piece of safety equipment anytime you’re working in a trench, so it’s only natural that you want the trench box design to be as strong and durable as possible. Next time you’re looking at how to upgrade your trench shoring system, opt for a steel trench box to optimize both performance and worker safety.

While many trench boxes are made out of aluminum, steel boxes are far more durable, and arguably the strongest type of trench box. In construction, trenches are referred to as having a ‘stand up time.’ This is the amount of time that workers can safely operate in the trench before the surfaces of the walls begin to collapse. Trench boxes offer construction crews significantly more control over the length of the trench’s stand-up time, with the exact time varying depending on trench conditions as well as the type of trench box used. In general, steel trench boxes are extremely durable and provide a long stand-up time.

Ideally, you’ll want a trench box with an all-steel design. Hollow tubes, as well as wood and foam fillers, are used by many manufacturers in trench box design, but these materials take away from the stand-up time and lifespan of trench boxes. All-steel boxes will outlast boxes with wood or foam filler, and therefore provide increased performance and worker safety.

Kundel’s Superior Trench Box Design

The Kundel all-steel trench box is one such design that utilizes only steel. Because of Kundel’s dedication to building trench boxes without compromising on structure, another advantage of the Kundel box is that it comes standard with many features that are optional or not offered on other trench boxes.

For one, the sockets used on the Kundel trench box are solid cast steel, which increases the strength and lifetime of spreader collars, which means no time spent dealing with egged or ripped out pin holes. These trench boxes also have solid welding as opposed to the plug or stitch welding used by many other manufacturers. Solid welding is more durable, and will further increase the life of your trench box.

The Kundel steel trench box also comes standard with a few features that are unique to its design. This box has bends and folds carved into the inside skin of the box, which is flat in most cases, to create makeshift shelves on the box’s interior. These shelves can be used to store vital tools and pipe accessories, and as an added bonus, this interior design is also stronger than the usual flat inside the skin. Kundel boxes also have their unique ‘super tube’ design that allows for increased convenience. The super tube allows crews to increase depth as they work, or to open up the rear of the shield to install risers quickly and easily.

All in all, steel trench boxes are the best choice for any trench shoring system. Not only are all-steel designs extremely long-lasting and durable, but they also offer maximum protection to workers while they’re down in the trench.

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