A Guide to The Aluminum Trench Shoring Box

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The aluminum trench shoring box is commonly used in construction and is perfect for small jobs and small areas. Mainly used for light repair and scheduled maintenance work, these boxes will guarantee the safety of crew members working on a specific construction site, within a trench. An aluminum trench shoring box has a support system that will prevent undeterminable factors such as, soil, roadways, and foundations from collapsing and causing immediate injury to any workers. Aluminum trench shoring is an optimal solution for most all types of soil conditions and jobs where a trench box is needed.

Aluminum Trench Shoring Box | A Safety Device

Although an aluminum trench shoring box will provide the same protection as a steel trench box, the aluminum is still only half the weight of steel. Held apart by steel or aluminum spreaders, aluminum trench shoring boxes are constructed to various degrees of thickness to secure a firmer hold. There are many different steel and aluminum spreaders that will match any width of any trench. Aluminum trench boxes are mainly made up of two sides, whereas it will offer a mechanical support system in the event an excavation has to take place at a construction site. Aluminum trench boxes are used wherever there is not stable ground and to minimize the need for an excavation.

They are simple units that can be installed rapidly and very easy to provide, durable, yet dependable support. Aluminum trench boxes are most effective when doing jobs such as pipe laying, manholes, cable jobs and more when must dig up the ground for construction purposes. Aluminum trench boxes are an ideal, safe solution that will ultimately save money on work related injuries due to construction site damage and chaos. The fact that no two excavation attempts will be the same in the event of an excavation, there are different approaches when using aluminum trench boxes. When putting up an aluminum trench system, hydraulic shoring can be applied, in which hydraulic pistons will pump outwardly to hold the box sides against the trench wall.

Pair with Fin Form

In most cases, if not all, aluminum trench boxes can be paired with a steel plate or a very durable and heavy duty plywood called Fin form. Another method that can be used is the beam and plate method, in which steel I-beams are propelled into ground and steel plates will be slid into place among them.

Hydraulics are used for faster applications and the other methods are generally used for longer lasting applications and extreme excavation jobs. When buying aluminum shoring, it can be purchased new or used. Whether purchasing aluminum trench shoring new or used, make sure to select one that will fit the scale of the job. Also research and pick brands with the highest overall safety ratings, because excavating is a potentially dangerous and high-risk job. Make sure to take proper measurements so that the aluminum trench box will properly fit into place and know how to properly put it into place, as to prevent any malfunction, in any damaging situation.